PTA Juniors

Our Mantra to promote healthy competition being played with good sportsmanship and in good spirit.

PTA provide Juniors competition, playing on Saturday mornings across two seasons: winter season and summer season.

The competition is split into 2 formats: Sections 1 - 14 play in a rubbers format with 2 player teams

and sections 15 - 27 in a sets format with 4 player teams. All teams can be a mixture of boys and girls.

The lowest 2 sections are reserved for beginner players starting out on their tennis journey.

Tennis is one of the few sports that are played and graded based on ability rather than age.

Players can be as young as 8 and can continue in juniors until they turn 18.

Clubs and coaches also run many diverse tennis programs for Juniors to contact your nearest club click here.


Mixed Comp

Each team can consist of any combination of boys or girls.

Sections 1 - 14 consists of 2 players.​

Each player will play:

1 singles and 1 doubles rubber,

best of 3 sets, third set being a 10 point tie break.

Sections consist of 4 players.

Each player will play:

1 singles and 1 doubles, 6 game tie break set

11 & under

This format is for players who are new to competition and are aged 11 and under.

Sections consists of 4 players.​​

Each player will play:

1 singles and 1 doubles, 6 game set


Match Centre is the hub for all PTA competitions, it tracks:






Tennis Australia's tournament portal

Age based tournaments available to enter within Australia which enable you to earn Australian Ranking Points. 

Contact your club coach for more information or click on link below.


Check weather across the Peninsula using the BOM.

For "heat out" please refer to the town you are playing at.