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Our Role

The PTA is the governing body for tennis with our region covering Mordialloc through to Pakenham and down the Peninsula to Portsea. We have a passion for tennis and our desire to grow and develop the sport. The PTA is a not-for-profit organisation with our focus on ensuring revenue is invested back into tennis and our work to deliver long-term benefit  for the sport in our region. We work together with governing bodies, clubs and individuals to achieve our goals:

  • To promote Tennis Participation across the PTA

  • To facilitate and govern tennis competition across the PTA

  • To improve the standard of tennis across the PTA

We are governed by our Constitution.

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Team Peninsula

Courtney Smith


Kate Antosik

Vice President
Coaches Liaison

Michelle Vennelle


Penny Redenbach

League Manager
Open Liaison
Junior Liaison

Fiona Wilson

Mid-week Ladies Liason

Rebecca Howard

Social Media Liaison

Brad Grose

Representative Events Liaison

Anne Baldwin

Tennis Victoria Liaison